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Abominator - Intoxicated With Satanic Hate lyrics

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Intoxicated With Satanic Hate by Abominator

Nihilism, chaos axis
Maelstrom commands
Massive visions of conquest
I awaken into abhorrence
Adversary – epitome of intolerance
Bound insidiously
Your servitude I sustain
Offering cruel sacrifices
Herald of your dismay
Willing oaths to form reality
Shattering the infidels – totality
Diligently I tear at your fragility
To be drunk on the ecstasy before me
I wield high a plague over thee
Impious indignation consumes me
Ancient ire – I am of Satan's construction
In true hatred – the author of your destruction
I am messenger of cyclonic instruction
To foresee conflict anguish and disease
Unravelling your complexities with ease
Poisoned death lust
Satanic hate
Ritualistic visions
Satanic hate
To drink your blood like wine
Seeking the gratify the undivine
Poisoned death lust
Attract my knife
Pentagram carved
Drain away your life
Infernal fixation of advancement
Heed the malicious self-enhancement
Defamation of your worthless form
Suffering in malignancy
Feeble worm
Withstand the taking of will
Orate horrific verses to kill
Vile descension becomes thee
Spurn those infected with piety
Contempt and spite
Gods to which you lament
Embittered under the might
Realisation of intent
Proclamation of absolute irreverence
Eclipsing the fallen
Tyrannical vengeance
Pandemonium forced in the fold
Conflagration – peace removed from the mould
Ingest the blackness – blood of destitution
War until completion
No absolution

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