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Abominator - Cascading Carnage lyrics

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Cascading Carnage by Abominator

I am the deadly comet
Harbinger of intrusion
No attempts tom divert my course shall defy your retribution
Price of a stable orbit
Consciousness must be raised
Fools bring their own consequences
Evolution out of phase
Fucking die
Ignorance in disguising feeble
Eyes on the firmament strafing
Negative nein
Fight evil with evil
Vengeance is mine
Cascading carnage
Nemesis and sun
Cascading carnage
Induced explosion
Irreversible damage
Empower the dark sons
Cascading carnage
In black chaos shall be done
Through the solar corridors
An ancient ferrous planet core
Shock waves
Polar shifts
Exposing mankind's flaws
Drenched in fallen blood
Clad in the armament
Sanitised from the stratosphere
Chosen to desecrate the monuments
The devil's head provides a clue
Homogenous evil subduing you
Restore the virtues of Satan
Soaring pinnacle of his creation
Satan is light
Satan is Lord
Hear the truth or feel the sulphur searing
Goat signs provide a clue
Homogenous evil subduing you
A template of ruins
Worlds of deconstruction
Discern the beast
Experted paths of hidden millenniums
The goat sign provides a clue
Homogeny of transients
The flames shall engulf them too

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