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Abbey Lincoln - Understand This lyrics

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Understand This by Abbey Lincoln

There's too little hours in just one day
So many letters burned
Or thrown away
When did I ever say
I wanna stay with you
Forever's way to far
For you to see
Is it my memory
That's failing me
It's in my best interest to finally let go
This is to you and your ways
You can't make out a word I say
I can't stand you
You can't stand me
Understand this
Understand me
When I say goodbye
This is my first
My first and my last
And maybe only
Only try I've had
It up to here
You grab the wheel and steer
And turn it around on me
Everytime it never fails
We'll just see how well you sail
Away with a hole in the side of your boat
As the water's pouring in
You just arrived
And you're already leaving
I'm out to dinner
But noone's eating
It seems we've both lost our appetites and love
I'm starved for change and to stop this lying
As we grew distant
And slowly dying away
It's dying today
This is to you and your ways

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