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40 Glocc - 1 Blood (game Diss) lyrics

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1 Blood (game Diss) by 40 Glocc

["One Blood (It's Okay)" by GAYme & Junior Read beat."]
[Junior Reid Sings]
(Infa- Infamous! )
Yeah nigga! (G-UUUNIT! )
Fuck 40Glocc huh! [2 gun cocks]
Oh, nigga you a 40Glocc killa! [automatic gunshots]
You bitch-ass nigga, you ain't say "Fuck 40Glocc"! [automatic gunshots]
When I was at your motherfuckin' crib nigga...
You ain't say fuck 40Glocc, damn nigga!
What it do nigga!
I'm a show you how the real Crips get in!
The WestCoast is back at 'em, flashin' the Mack at 'em
Bust two up the accura. - Call me the black Dracula!
Flippin' birds like spatulas with crack I'm spectacular
You clap I clap back, blaaat! - That's the passenger.
How the fuck I'm a leave and I barely came?
This the resurrection, niggaz addin' fuel to my flame! (FUEL TO MY FLAME! )
My dedigation rep the hood mash for tha Game
Catch you and ya niggaz slippin' - AND SNATCH OFF YA CHAIN!
I'm a two tone Tommy Tucker! - Tummy Tucker!
Stick a dick in ya momma's stomache! - 40 a muthafucka! (hahaha! )
BIG BAD 4-0! - Now the streets is talkin',
Hit 'em up with sign language, now them heats is talkin'.
This fuacets gotta leak, get the coffins ready, (BIACTCH! ) ("DJ Nik Bean!
Plug 'em full of holes and his followers wittem.
He 6-4 swingin' from the balls of Fifty
The new face of LA - more bitch than Whitney.
I used to whistle for the homies, now I'm like (AIGhT CUZZ! )
Run 'em of the road knock a hole in them dubs.
The balls is big! - So is the buzz!
Fuck a.38 Snub, I got a Glock in the club!
We can lock up head up, tic-tack (blaaapp! )
The West ain't never left, how you bring It back!
Only bitch-ass niggas cover over they tats
And wake up by the comas - with' no get back! (GET BACK! )
I'm a kick an' push his ass like he Lupe Fiasco
And tear this pussy - a whole new asshole!
He talk more shit then his ass can hold
Ask Bishop Lamont! - Or Glasses Malone!
Even Essay's says I wanna see like Homes
In the hood gettin' blunted, get my C-Walk on!
You wanna get flame on - I'll heat you up!
On Colt and City Crip-up, I'll beat you up!
FUCK you and your label! [gun cocks] (what set you claim! ) [blast]
I'll diss that too, if you was really to bang
He playin' head games, let the games begin!
I'll bring him the choppers (GAME OVER! ) - all you see is!
Is that nigga real!
I find to kill him!
I know some real! [gun cocks]
Nigga this Crip! [blast]

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