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2 Week Notice - What Goes Around Comes Around lyrics

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What Goes Around Comes Around by 2 Week Notice

(Dammit, people, say "HEY!")
Hey! (x4)
Try to call you on the phone
Once again you're not at home
You say you love me for all time
You and I both know that's a lie
I hope you fucking die!
Use me, abuse me, tell me
What your idea of a relationship is supposed to be.
You hide it, deny it
I can tell your love for me has all been a bunch of shit.
Try to talk to you
Nothing ever gets through
Never hear a word I say
Ya get up and walk away
Do you really care?
The fact that I don't think it's fair
That you can get up and walk right out the door?
You're such a stupid whore!
Hey! I finally dump your ass
Put you in my past
No more cheating on me
I can finally let things be.
Then one summer day
You walked right in my way
Tears rolling from your eyes
Mistreated by a guy.
You came up to me
Looking for some sympathy
What a strange thing to do
What I am supposed to do?
Should I be real glad?
Maybe a little sad?
You've never been treated like this
Never once been dissed.
Thought about what to do
Should I be comforting you
Tears rolling from your eyes
Mistreated by a guy
Then I thought way back
When you put me down
Then I laughed at you and said
"Bitch, what comes around goes around."
Hey! (x4)
I don't like you
I just hate you
I hope you fucking rot!

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