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2Pac + Outlawz - Tattoo Tears lyrics

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Tattoo Tears by 2Pac + Outlawz

Live back at 'cha Westside baaaaby
Aight f**k it, we gone flip some new s**t now
You heard "All Eyez on Me," ni**az know what time it is
(Makaveli the Don) 'Pac do it like that
Rhymin and stealin, sellin five million
(Outlaw.. ninety-nine)
Fresh out on bail, ni**az still can't see me
(Napoleon, E.D.I, Young Noble, Fatal Hussein)
That's how it is
Now we got a new motherf**kin plan, and a new mission
(Makaveli the Don, Greg Nice, Outlaw - Outlaw)
Competition, so they say, these ni**az is gay
(Outlaw - Outlaw)
Blast me? It could never happen
At least not while I'm walkin and rappin
Heard of some ni**az on the other side of town who wanna ride wit me
(Throw ya hands up, hands up)
They can't hide, listen to the rough s**t, my click
(Throw ya motherf**kin hands up)
I said many times busters still can't see
Y'all ni**az can't f**k with me (Outlaw)
I been, handlin stress in this s**t for years
Blazed out sheddin tattooed tears

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