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Lord Bless Me Lyrics

21 Pence


Song Facts

  • Genre: Catholicism/Christianity Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Producer: 21 Pence
  • Writer: 21 Pence
  • Release Date: June 29, 2024

Song Annotations

Song Information - **Genre:** Catholicism/Christianity Hip-Hop/Rap - **Producer:** 21 Pence - **Writer:** 21 Pence - **Release Date:** June 29, 2024 Lyrics Annotations 'Lord Bless Me' by 21 Pence is a very spiritual and lyrically rich song. This underscores all the hope of divine help and guidance in all the misery of life. The performer gave this song its first name, 'Help Me Through Life,' then changed the title to 'Lord Bless Me' to make a more specific spiritual plea. Annotations and Meaning The track starts with a very touching plea for the Lord's blessings in daily life. The artist requests strength and support to deal with stress and struggles, even as he seeks divine intervention to assist him in confessing sins and weathering the good and bad times. The repetition of the plea 'help me rap from the chest' means he has the desire to make the music real and come with passion. The climax of the chorus, as the star calls on God and the Lord to be with her evermore, is more poignant. This height of desperation comes across in this repetition, indicating how deep and urgent an artist requires divine intervention. The repeated cries for help and the invoking of the holy light of the text of the song seem to call for enlightenment and spiritual guidance. The statement that 'let holy light shine on me,' shows that the singer wants to receive clarity and divine presence. The repetition of the words, 'Hallelujah to Jesus Christ,' is a line with a powerful expression of praise and worship. It is repeated for emphasis to confirm the artist's devotion and faith. The multiple 'yeah' affirmations at the end of the song signify hope and trust in divine support. Personal Reflection 'Lord Bless Me' brings the universal theme of an appeal for help and strength from an otherworldly higher authority. The track is whole of sensitivity towards those who have been through hard times and are seeking spiritual succor. An artist coming into the open to confess and seek divine intervention seems to go deep in his personal faith journey. Besides, the song's repeating structure looks much like the invariability of life challenges and the need for spiritual guidance is always there. Overall, the track is a testament to the performer's faith and his reliance on divine help to navigate life's ups and downs. It underscores the importance of spirituality in providing comfort and strength during difficult times.

Lord Bless Me Song Lyrics

Lord Bless Me by 21 Pence

Lord bless me as I live my daily life
Help me through it
Give me a hand during the battles
Of the struggles and stress
Remove my sins, help me confess
Be through my worst and my best
Help me rap from the chest

Lord help me, God help me
Help me Lord and God through my life
Help me, help me God, through my life yeah

Help me as you can yeah
Help me whеn you can
Help me yeah, Lord, God
Hеlp me yeah, Lord, God
Help me when you can
Shine your holy light upon me
Yeah, help me when you can
Help me through life yeah

Hallelujah to Jesus Christ yeah
Hallelujah to Jesus Christ yeah
Hallelujah to Jesus Christ yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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