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12012 - Degree lyrics

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Degree by 12012

Coin on neil amai wana@@risou no life & honey
Six change card or "a Venus"@@kamisama wa inai no?
Can't you "six broker". Welcome to the "this coin"
Hokoru@@risou kei no hate ni kotae wo mita
Ai wo naguri@@ai ni ueta@@sekai no iriguchi
I just playing. I just speed. I just time gone
Don't you hurry up!!
Genjitsu ni aru@@kono sekai ni wa kirei na kotae wa naku
Genjitsu utsusu@@kono sekai ni wa nukedasu shudan nado mukuwarenai
Trick shinigami ga tada warau@@Train@@shuuten wa nai
Me no mae wo fusagu@@kimi no te no sukima ni susanda sora
Koe ni naranai@@kono shinjitsu wo nigirishime@@ima, boku wa arukidasu

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