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Son of Rambow Soundtrack CD. Son of Rambow Soundtrack

Son of Rambow lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2008

Bang Zoom / Let's Go Go

The Real Roxanne 

Bicycle Ride

Joby Talbot 

Can You Fix It?

Joby Talbot 


Gary Numan 

Close To Me

The Cure 


Joby Talbot 

Egyptian Reggae (Instrumental)

Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers 

First Day Filming

Joby Talbot 

I Can't Wait

Nu Shooz 

I'm French, Non?

Joby Talbot 

Love Action / I Believe In Love

The Human League 

Our Lips Are Sealed

Fun Boy Three 


Siouxsie And The Banshees 



Son Of Rambow

Joby Talbot 

The Best Day Of All Time

Joby Talbot 

The French Kid

Joby Talbot 

The Hospital

Joby Talbot 

The Sad Day

Joby Talbot 

The Scarecrow

Joby Talbot 

Wild Boys

Duran Duran