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Purple Rain Album Cover

“Purple Rain” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1990

“Purple Rain” Track List with Lyrics

If you don’t like Prince, then you shouldn’t watch the movie “Purple Rain”. It is 100% soaked with Prince and his music. It was 1984 and he was young, but already a big star. Every single song in this soundtrack is by him – almost a dozen. Let's Go Crazy expresses his youth and endless energy. Another pop I Would Die 4 U can be characterized as girlish pop, where snotty lyrics, coupled with repulsively maudlin music are everything. Purple Rain, the main theme of the film, is lachrymose multiplied at weepy – now you can understand that the soundtrack is so girlish that any normal man should never adopt it as something that can really exist in the world.
In the film, Prince was trying to look cool. Even there is a poster, when this dandy is sitting on the bike, dressed-up in lilac purple with white. This combination works only for 6-y.o. girls after 2000.
For this film was especially created a girls band named Apollonia 6, consisting of 3 members. Their leader Apollonia Kotero, was selected by Prince instead of the girl, who was dedicated for this role previously. We can’t say whether they were lovers, but Prince supported this music band for 2 years, until their parting in 1985. They had nothing really significant and no one actually can remember this band after 30 years. They were just a faded reflection of Prince himself, making stupid music with boring lyrics.
When Doves Cry and other songs, similar like two droplets of water throughout Prince’s singing path, is a song, when he extensively exhibits his feelings and soul, making it look girlish. Yes, you can see from our description of this film that we don’t like this singer at all. And even the fact that he died, can do with our opinion nothing but to leave it the same.

August, 01st 2016

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