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Outlander Soundtrack CD. Outlander Soundtrack

Outlander lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

December, 19th 2016

Outlander album description:

A wonderful serial movie of UK manufacturing. Music by Bear McCreary – the same guy who wrote all the theme for The Walking Dead serial movie on AMC. He is a descendant of Irish and Armenians, lives all his life in USA, so his music mainly represents the family tones (a gentle mixture of 80% of Irish music and 20% of the rest) and always highly qualitative. He does all of his work in very high quality and exceptionally suitable for on-screen action. Each piece of music of Bear felt fulfilled with the soul as if he lived each of his notes.
Actors from this cradle of all progressive humankind of our time are great and worthy of more than one Oscar or Golden Globe.
The musical soundtrack also worthy of not one only Emmy. Music of a total duration of 50 minutes consists of 14 songs (13 in the collection + 1 of the official trailer of the film). Get ready to listen to every note, pouring on your from speakers or headphones – here are mainly fine-tonal and percussion Gaelic and Irish themes, gentle bagpipes, strings and keyboards transitions. These sound incredibly mellifluous, and they reinforce what is happening on the screen in many times. Some from most sonorous here are Outlander the Skye Boat Song and Castle Leoch, perfectly abounding with Irish bagpipes. Last, in some of its parts very reminiscent of the sad theme from the Titanic movie, in the scene when the crash peak has already passed and the boats peacefully bob on the waves of the morning ocean, waiting for the arrival of the Carpathia ship.
Comin' Thro the Rye is a dancing melody with the beautiful bagpipe, unfortunately very short (just 1:45). By the way, almost all the songs in this collection are short, and do not hold up to 3 minutes, which does not detract from the quality. The Marriage Contract is inspiring and sad song at the same time.
However, all instrumental music in this collection worthy of listening as with this serial movie, and without it – it’s all of high quality and can be heard over and over.
Reference: Outlander: Wikipedia, IMDb

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