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Man About Town lyrics - Frederick

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Man About Town Song Lyrics

Now you're a creature,
a primitive soul,
you don't know your left from your right,
you're lost in the dark,
you need a spark,
to lead you into the light
I'll be that guide,
I'll be by your side,
I'll pull you out of the mire,
you'll be the greatest creation of man
since the invention of fire!
You will walk
you will talk
ev'rybody will gawk
at the Man About Town!
From the start
you'll be smart
you will break every heart.
You're the Man About Town!
And I know
when you open that door,
you'll be cheered, never feared evermore!
Raise your eyes to the skies,
there's no holding you down
You won't be a flash in the pan
You're the man...
You're The Man About Town!
Though you feel
like a beast in a cage,
stick with me,
and you'll be
on the stage!
Throw your hat in the ring,
they might make you a king,
and you'll trade that hat for a crown,
You're the man,
You're the Man About Town!
[Thanks to Jon C. for lyrics]