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'One, Two, Three,' Said The Prospector lyrics

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'One, Two, Three,' Said The Prospector Song Lyrics

Boys there's gonna be a big blast.
We'd better be careful and count our steps
aways from the dynamite or else…
Huh, well let me tell you a story
"One, two, three," said the prospector
settin' his dynamite
"Four, five, six," said the prospector
packing his fuses tight
"Seven, eight nine," said the prospector
down in the mine so cold
Ten big steps took the prospector
dreaming of big piles of gold
Boy, it's dark down here, I'd better turn on the
lamp. Let's see, I got my map here…ah, right,
then turn left, and right, left, right. Ah good thing
I've got the eyes of a much younger man. Oh,
ow, my toe, oh! Coulda been worse though,
I coulda hit my head, Ow, my head! Whew!
Whoa, oh, oh my gosh! Look, the mother lode,
look at all that gold. Oh it's time to set the
dynamite. Let's see, I'll put one stick here, no,
let's see I'll put ten sticks, no, I'll put a hundred
sticks of dynamite here. Oh, and then I'll light the
fuse and get away. Oh, I'd better get far enough
away. Let's see, I took ten steps gettin' here,
I'll take ten steps away, I'll count backwards.
"Ten, nine, eight," said the prospector
stepping careful and slow
"Seven, six, five," said the prospector
the dynamite ready to go
"Four, three, two," said the prospector
wandering to and fro
"One and ('Blast!')" said the prospector…
And blew himself clean to Oregon and parts
of Idyho!