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Seduction lyrics

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Seduction Song Lyrics

Miss Marian Halcombe
(Fosco is pleasantly surprised. He shoos the servant away.
He slicks back his hair back, adjusts his smoking jacket.
The servant exits as Marian enters)
To what Miss Halcombe do we owe this honour?
Each successive day was getting duller
(as she takes her coat off, revealing her red dress to him for the first time)
Well I somehow thought you might be missing me
I must tell you scarlet is your color
I cannot spend all my life in mourning
Though in ev'ry way I miss my sister
Truly you display a healthy attitude
I'm for the first time on my own
Really you need not be alone
One should explore on'es playful side
You are a guide most qualified
I leave in the morning for the continent
In my provincial world I cannot be content
We could lead a life that would be well mis-spent
And I have no doubt that would be thrilling
But alas it seems my glass requires refilling
(Fosco takes her glass and re-fills it generously-as he does she quickly
and surreptitiously looks on his desk
for the document before hastily arranging herself on the sofa.
He hands her the drink)
Sir if I remove my shoes would that be shocking?
I'd be breathless as your buckles are undone
I would walk to warsaw just to see your stocking
And to see your shapely ankle I would run
You should know it took great courage for this visit
But I must admit that I am glad that I am here
And that dress you're falling out of is exquisite
Though I'm trembling it is clearly not from fear
It's apparent we were made for one another
We're each others moon and sun we're so well matched
Though my feelings aren't remotely like a brother
We are over twenty-one and unattached
I've been waiting all my life for an adventure
What in truth you have been waiting for is me
Let us begin our minuette
No looking back and no regret
Don't I deserve a life of bliss?
FOSCO (intimate)
Think of this as the precipice
(they kiss)
I can open up a world you've only heard of
Introduce me to a life beyond your dreams
We'll share secrets that we'll never breath a word of
And we'll take pursuit of pleasure to extremes
You and I are willing to defy convention
You're my equal both in joie de vivre and wit
We find another worthy of attention
we don't care what others think of us one bit
(they kiss)
As a paramour I'm rather out of practice
But I'll rise to this occasion I embrace
But that bard of yours is rather like a cactus
May I save, if not my virtue then my face?
Would you kindly shave it off
Do be a darling?
Then i will fly back to your side just like a startling
(Fosco leaves to shave.
Marian dashes around the room looking for the document,
opening drawers etc.)
MARIAN (sotto voce)
Think, think Marian. Where is it? Where is it?
(she continues to look. She finds the document, reads it)
MARIAN (sotto voce)
Please! Yes!
(she does not have time to put the paper back, before she hears him approaching.
She hids it about her person.
Fosco re-enters, in the mood for love. She sits herself quickly.)
Now my chin is even softer than a baby
Let's resume this tete a tete from where we were
(She edges away from him)
Though my heart says yes my head's now saying maybe
And my feet are growing colder and concur
(She puts on her shoes again)
When I left this room were we both not on fire?
We'ren't we both about to give romance a whirl?
(She stands up)
On reflection I found out I'm
somewhat shy-er
And perhaps I'm not really that kind of girl
(Fosco pauses, looks at her intensely)
It appears that you have lost your taste for kissing
So I'd appreciate if you'd return what's missing
(Wordlessly she gives the document back to him. He holds onto her a moment)
Please. Please let me go. Please.
(He does so)
This game is through
You think you win
But think about
What might have been
If you had let romance begin
Instead of hiding
In your shell
One day you'll see
What you have spurned
My precious gift
That you returned
A gift for living well
Your every day
A great event
Living on the continent
Yes, it's true
I would have you
(she looks away from him)
This game of hearts
You gladly trade
For solitaire
(with venom) and old maid
And so I say fare well
Someday your past will catch you up
Please don't let me keep you
(She leaves. He gathers up all his cases as he prepares for his final exit)
I can get away with ev'rything
Except the girl, perhaps
My epic charms have undergone
a temporary lapse
But when it's time to make an exit
and I am halfway out the door
As long as one is leaving anyway
then leave them wanting more
(he leaves)
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