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Gift for Living Well lyrics

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Gift for Living Well Song Lyrics

I am a man
Of medicine
No opera star,
My voice is thin
Though I play cards
And violin
At none of these do I excel
The talent that
I have in spades
Is one for fun
And escapades
A gift for living well
Attracted to the lively arts
Breaking bread, breaking hearts
(He looks at Marian)
Making love, when love has me spellbound
Italian food
The wines of France
I never walk when I can dance
(He performs a small pirouette for the ladies)
A gift for living well
A one man band
I sing the lead
Always self-accompanied
(He plays a few chords on the piano)
I concede probably I'm hellbound
A bon vivant
As you can see
A lust for life as big as… me!
A gift for living well
But enough about me! Raise your glasses
(Raises glass to the bride and groom)
Sir Percival Glyde!
All (raising their glasses):
Oh what a joyous occasion this is!
Sir Percival Glyde!
Dolce vita to you and your Mrs!
This is the moment I've longed for
Everything's for the best now
Mr. Fairlie:
I'll have an empty nest now
And here's to the bride!
Cheers for the life they will lead from now on-
Hartright (interrupting the toast, addresses Glyde):
Please let me speak
And forgive my interruption
Please hear me out
On a very pressing matter
One that concerns a girl
Her name is Anne, Anne Cath'rick
She says you've done her wrong
Have you an explanation?
Mr. Fairlie:
What impertinence! Mr. Hartright, know your place!
No, no, Mr. Fairlie, I am glad that he asked this.
Please, Please. I am happy to clear up
The matter of Anne Chatherick…
Her tale is truly sorrowful
And some would say a tragedy
Her story breaks my heart
I don't know where to start
Her mother was in my employ
(to Mr. Fairlie)
Your brother recommended her
Recall, she worked her too?
Mr. Fairlie:
Catherick? I'm not sure that I do.
Anne was so sweet as an infant
She used to laugh all the time
She sparkled like the sun
Such a pretty one
Yet she grew up so unhappy
Sullen and angry and sad
She was a troubled child
Acting strange and wild
She once attacked her mother
When she was just sixteen
A fury with no pause
No-one knew the cause
To help her grieving mother
And rescue Anne from herself
I undertook her care
I tried to see her through
It was the Christian thing to do
When no physician could treat her
I found a haven that would
A trusted private place
To embrace her case
Anne thinks of me as her captor
When I am truly her friend
For all her care I pay
Still she runs away
(Fosco who appears moved by the story, shakes Glyde's hand)
I'm touched by your compassion
Your kindness knows no bounds.
I've done the best I can
I've done my best for Anne.
She spoke sir of a secret
A secret she would tell-
Her world has come to be
Utter fantasy
But her safe return
Is my great concern
And I am grateful for
Your help.
Poor Anne
Her story saddens me.
Yet it explains the mystery
Had it not been for Glyde
I'm sure she would have died
Mr. Fairlie
No more please! Neither Anne Catherick nor her silly mother
Are any of your business and what's more,
My nerves are quite shot!
Then a shot of brandy
Is what I prescribe, Signor!
Mr. Fairlie:
Yes. Gentlemen, let us retire at once to my study.
(Glyde, Fosco, and Mr. Fairlie leave. Glyde bows his thanks again to Hartright.)
Thank you, sir.
(Hartright is left with the two women)
I don't believe him
Can't you see he's clearly lying?
As for your uncle
It's the truth that he's denying.
Sir, you must leave at once!
You must go right away
But Marian-
Marian (to Hartright):
What reason has he to lie?
How can you hope to stay here?
Please Marian-
Laura, our future is settled
Soon you will be Lady Glyde
You'll have the perfect life
As that fine man's wife
He is a man of compassion
Look how he helped that poor girl
He has integrity
He's all a man should be!
(Laura looks to Hartright)
I clearly don't belong here
Your sister is quite right
I'll leave for London now!
(Laura runs out, upset)
Hartright (to Marian):
Are you happy now?
(He exits. Marian left alone crumples, begins to cry)
I close my eyes and I still see his face.
(She exits.)
(Later: Hartright is there with his bags and easel, departing. Laura enters in haste, wearing a white nightdress)
Tell me this isn't real.
Tell me I'm walking in my sleep
I'm sorry
I believe my heart
It believes in you
Laura and Hartright:
Ev'ry part of ev'ry thought
Leads me straight to you
(She returns the sketch he had made of her.)
Take this… something to remember me by.
(He leaves)