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February, 10th 2017
Patrick Watson with his name reminds us of the famous companion of Holmes. However, it is unlikely latter also sang as well and had such a pure and high-pitched voice as this singer. The clip is made in an unusual style of drawing in the sand. And some of the details of technology are also displayed in the video. All this beauty is accompanied by the music of the indie pop direction, where the most important thing is the voice, despite the very good music. Reference: Patrick Watson - Wikipedia

Blackwind lyrics - Patrick Watson, Mikhail Stein, Robbie Kuster, Mélanie Bélair And Simon Angell

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Blackwind Song Lyrics

Don't try too hard to catch the winds,
Where they are going and where they have been,
Don't try to outrun what the winds are showin',
Just gotta give in to where they are blowin',
Cause who are we?
Who are we without the ones we love?
All alone.
Sometimes it blows you down,
And weathers your face and leaves us no trace,
And you find yourself far from home.
Well it's better to move than it stands to when you don't know
While the rooftops will open the air
For the answer to our lives is blowin',
Around and flying out of control.
Alot of things blowin' us up above the ground
Everybody hold on to the ones that you love
Blackwind's blowing in sight of everyday,
Don't waste your time with lonely yesterdays.
Everybody smile while the wind blows us around
Can't control the weather just gotta be what you need,
Higher in the air everybody give in to the storm
Don't try to hide.
To get yourself away from where we are going.
Everybody just climb up today and we'll go away.

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