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Damien Echols Death Row Letter Year 9 lyrics - Henry Rollins feat. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

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Damien Echols Death Row Letter Year 9 Song Lyrics

Henry, sorry for not writing in so long
But Things have been less than great here lately
I think I’ve been depressed, maybe a little in shock
I don’t know if you’ve heard
But they’ve moved me to another prison
This one is a super maximum security unit
First, the state police came rushing in on us at 2 o’clock in the morning
With m16 assault rifles and attack dogs
They got everyone out of bed
Chained us all up and brought us here
This is the same prison where Jason and Jesse are
But we’re in different parts
Here, I’m in complete and total isolation 24 hours a day
I’m in a concrete room with a solid steel door
There’s a drain in the floor
And a water spout in the wall
That’s how you wash or take a shower
You never even get to go out into the sun here
Not to mention, they had a huge budget cut
So the first thing they sliced was the food
I’m not even allowed to have an ink pen
I’m writing with a filler tube from inside a pen
Which is why my handwriting’s atrocious
I haven’t really felt depressed in the truest sense of the word
But all I’ve done is lie in bed sleeping day and night
Now, I’m adjusting
You can adapt to almost anything given enough time
Two days ago my appeal was denied
Shot down by the Arkanas Supreme Court
Everyone has always told me to expect it
And if any help comes, it will be from the Federal Court
But when I saw this decision in the news
I still had the feeling in my stomach that I was falling
I’m getting scared Henry
I can’t tell anyone else that
Cos everyone here wants me to be fearless and to have no doubts
Not all bad news though
I’ll be seeing my son Seth soon
He’ll be coming for a week-long visit at the 1st of January
He just turned ten years old
And is still hard to believe
Especially when I hear him call me Dad
I haven’t got used to that
I’m really looking forward to it though
I’ll close for now but will be in touch soon
Lorri and Jay are discussing what strategy to use from here
I’ll keep you posted