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If I Told You (Reprise) lyrics

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If I Told You (Reprise) Song Lyrics

i'm now going to read a poem that i wrote for my husband,
on this our very special day.
And i wonder if i might have let you slip away, and are you gone for good.
And i wonder is there something left that i could say...
[robbie & Julia]
If i told you
[J] All the words i've yet to say
[R] I wonder if i told you...
[J] would they matter, or would you simply turn and walk away...
And now that its been fifty years i still have you to dry my tears
And sheild me from all fears and harms
Heres to fifty more years in your arms
I wonder if its true...I wonder if i hold you... i wonder
If i hold you, will you tell me i should go
do i chance it or would it just be better not to know
Would it just be better...not to know
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