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November, 22nd 2015
Songs that starts with the music not at once, usually very beneficial in their continuation. This is one of those ones. Starting with the cries of crows and the sound of water poured into a glass, then comes a voice in this pop-song, that just breaks our minds with its quality and captivates hearts by its beauty. The clip is interesting enough, and filmed in nature – very well complements the melody. Insanely beautiful voice and video transitions are so immersing in this surrounding that you do not want to part with them after completion.

Crazy Faith lyrics - John Waller

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Crazy Faith Song Lyrics

O God did I hear You?
You really want me to
Walk up to that mountain
Tell it just to move
This is crazy, yeah
But here face in that picture
I said that's our daughter
But we can't swim this ocean
But You're telling us to move
This is crazy, yeah
Lord, this scares me, yeah
But it's gonna take crazy faith
So what if it costs (me) everything
I'm stepping out
I'm taking the leap of crazy faith
This house in all my dreams
Your asking me to levae
And take my wife and children
Where we never thoguht we'd go
This is crazy, yeah
Lord, I never thought we'd go
And it scares me, yeah
Here I go
Wherever You may lead I'll go
Lead me, Lord, I'll follow, follow You