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Reference: Reeve Carney - Wikipedia

New For You lyrics - Reeve Carney

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New For You Song Lyrics

I can’t forget you, I can’t deny
If I surrendered
You hold me never let go
Your love’s a memory
Moving as one
My heart’s a secret
Under your tongue
Crying forever
Deep in your eyes
Figments of you and I
They must fly
Into the tail light
Under the truth
But everything’s new for you
And I would die a thousand deaths
But to defend your happiness, my love
Yours is like a wave upon an open shore
Everytime you fall I only want you more
If I’ve chosen the suffering of the heart, I know
Our love’s a teardrop sent from the sky
Life was a shadow
Until I knew you
It’s sorrow’s a silent
Crying for you
I stand defenseless
Deep in your eyes
Here in your love
I’m alive when you want
Everything changes
Everything’s new
Baby I’m new for you
[Thanks to tsd for lyrics]