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Reference: David Byrne and Will Oldham are The Pieces of Shit - Read on FasterLouder

If It Falls It Falls lyrics - The Pieces Of Shit

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If It Falls It Falls Song Lyrics

And so don't pretend that this isn't what you wanted to come true
if it falls, it falls and it rains all around
and it's because of you
things that you were
were meant to do
things put inside
things? flaw through you
and I feel like
I'm being burned by the evil that form you
and I feel like
I couldn't ever be good without you
I feel like
didn't I try? didn't I, didn't I strip for your eye
for your gaze and your sight
to find in my life in my body and mind
the seed, the stem, the flower and? fruit
that to you it was denied all of your life.
And when the chances are given
darling didn't I fly?
open it, rip it off.
what I had, what I have.
Didn't I fly? Open it, rip it off.
Didn't I say? Didn't I call? Didn't I ring my voice in at? all?
Couldn't you hear? Couldn't you reach?
Cross the sky, peel my hands off my cheek
peelin my hands, my hands, my face
[Thanks to elli for lyrics]

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