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Eye of the Beholder lyrics - Lucie Arnaz

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Eye of the Beholder Song Lyrics

My god! Look at you!
One of a kind, grander than grand- free as the wind,
sculpting boobies in the sand.
I'm usually not so forward- no, its true!
But I'd be hard pressed to think of anything
I'd rather do than surrender to the ecstasy, the artistry,
the mystery of you Alexandra; the mystery of you...
I have a gift, a fact I'm forced to confess.
I have a knack for spotting genius, I guess.
I have an eye for seeing past the B.S-
and what some consider boring,
I consider worth exploring.
I have an eye for spotting men with designs,
I have a sense for all the obvious signs.
And pal, I know when someone's feeding me lines-
don't feel too bad; you had your try.
You have the touch, but not with me- I have an eye..
As do I..
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder,
no disguise can conceal your repertoire.
Passions rise, and the alibis grow bolder-
still the eye of this beholder sees you for who you are.
And you- you are the rays of the sun!
You- you are the artist, the spirit, the clay all in one. Allow me...
Smoother and fuller and softer and sounder
Sweeter and rounder and warmer and wise.
Bolder the truth that transcends the disguise.
The battles lost- what can I do? And now the truth comes shining through
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder-
and how clearly I behold the beauty in you!