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Kill Dem All lyrics - Kali Ranks

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Kill Dem All Song Lyrics

Original teki teki tell a pussy come get it, run up Ina Mac 10 or an Uzi.
Any ting come mi brush it, naw set mi sorry, can't count on fingers how much me damage already.
Kill dem all, teki teki and kill dem, kill dem all.
Represent represent kid
Kill dem all mi use mi lyrics and murder them, kill dem
I gwine kill a bwoy.
1st verse
Tell dem sorry
Sorry fa laba mouth who run come test Kali
Kali fit like a panther always ready
Ready fi dust somthing
Something dead now bury wait
Bury dem tomorrow right mi busy
Busy getting ready fi go tek a next body
Body bag ready longtime who so di Milli
Millimeter Ina mi holster gone Ina hurry
Hurry up hurry up don't slip up slip up
Or you will get catch up and fling up Ina alley
Alelujah savior two gun mi carry
Carry one extra one fi witness who is mi, you nuh so wey man a mercenary. Mi just.