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Off To The Races lyrics

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Off To The Races Song Lyrics

Quick conclusions often lead the best of us astray.
The wisest move in life is just to wait.
Otherwise, your galloping emotions run away
Chairman, Durdles, Deputy:
Like horses at the gate.
Off to the races, off to the races
Off to the races we go!
But where the chase is
and what the pace is
We seldom seem to know.
Men with broken hearts have vowed to nevermore pursue
A member of the soft and savoured face
Firmly anchored to the ground, they suddenly will view
Durdles & Deputy:
A fair and favored face
Durdles, Deputy, & Chairman:
Then: off to the races, off to the races
Where flirting faces call!
Deputy &Chairman:
His saving grace is strong drink replaces
The need for love at all.
Don't fall back on your assumptions -
Hasty presumptions might do you in!
Mind the track! Like a nag running blind.
Try lagging behind:
You'll find you'll win.
Bless our Queen Victoria, she's had nine kids to date
You wonder how Prince Albert got enthused!
Probably by her decree he had to procreate:
Said she, "Make me amused!"
Off to the races, the royal races
The same as poor folk do!
When she embraces her royal graces
The same she wants as you
And the race is won by the tardy Not the fool-hardy fools that we be!
Don't unlace your madcap abandon,
Do and you'll land undone,
Not me!
So we call upon you all to hold your
horse's reins
Before you solve this di*kens of a crime!
Sometimes having patience is as good as having brains,
So take your bloody time!
Pour out the spirits, the end is near, it's only a length or so:
Don't begin to beat your tar off for the
finish isn't far off.
To the races!
Off to the race we go...Tally-ho!