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Don't Quit While You're Ahead lyrics

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Don't Quit While You're Ahead Song Lyrics

Once I bet my last ten pence - and won
Twice as rich then, friends said, "Call it done!"
"How sad", I said.
"So that's your wildest dream, eh, then...
Twenty pence instead of ten?"
I doubled up my bet again!
In life you start the same as when you're done:
If you lose, you're just where you've begun -
If you've won, don't quit while you're ahead,
Just press your blessed luck instead!
Don't try to think what move might be best;
Use the heart that beats within your breast.
Never rest! Don't quit while you're ahead.
Sing out:
Datchery & Puffer:
"There's more in store for me!"
Bazzard & Durdles:
I see my dream ship fin'lly comin' in
Like a steam ship anch'rin in to win!
Puffer & Datchery:
Lift your chin! Remember what I said
Don't quit while you're ahead, let go!
Rosa & Helena:
I know there must be love that's yet to be
Only just three winks away from me
Puffer, Datchery, Bazzard & Durdles:
Don't quit while you're ahead!
Don't worry how you tread! Who cares?
Neville & Crisparkle:
And there's the chance! One pipe dream
that is mine
A romance just ripe on the vine
Rosa & Helena:
Don't resign!
Neville, Crisparkle, Rosa, Helena, Alice & Beatrice:
No victor ever fled!
Puffer, Datchery, Bazzard, Durdles:
Don't quite you're ahead to stay!
Ta-ray- ta-rah!
Bang it, bash it, Hoo-ray-ha-rah!
Clang it, clash it, oo-la-dee-dah!
Don't quite while you're ahead!
Don't say "I'm off to bed, farewell!"
Full well I know!
Don't let the moment go to waste
Not with the vic'try close enough to taste!
Chairman & Jasper:
Heed the call with all due haste!
For God's own sake!
So raise the stake, you struck a lucky vein!
Never break through any lucky chain!
The refrain: "Don't quit while you're ahead,"
As eas'ly done as said, you'll see:
Bang it, bash it, oo, glory be!
Clang it, clash it, oo-lah-dee-dee!
Don't quit while you're ahead
Sing out, "There's more in store for me!"