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Foundations Of Stone lyrics - Howard Shore

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Foundations Of Stone Song Lyrics

(Quenya and Dwarvish)
Irkat-lukhud ma
Ulfat-atam ma
tanakhi uduhu
bin-nât aznân tarsisi
Bazar udu agânî-furkhîn
Ma nîd sakhu!
Ma satf unkhai!
Atkât zatagrafizu
Zatablugi sulluzu(D)
An mauya mahtie.
Mettanna! (Q)
'No shaft of light
Can breach it
No breath of air
Comes from it
Only an endless dark rises
Deep from the beginnings
Of the world.
Have fear.
Do not look down
Nor step too close
The silence will take you.
It will swallow you whole.'
Cuiva Olorin
Tira nottolya
Tulta tuolya
An mauya mahtie
Ter oiomornie
Ter ondicilyar.
'Awake Olorin
Servant of fire
Face your foe
Summon forth your strength
For you must fight
Through endless dark
Through chasms of stone.
To the end.
To the death!'
Word-for-word translation:
'Awake Olorin
Look-at foe-your
Summon strength-your
For [you] compel to-fight
Through ever-darkness
Through stone-chasms.

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