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October, 08th 2017
Hip-hop and a rap-styled song made by Big K.R.I.T. is a part of his 2014’s album Cadillactica. Almost on all critic sites, there are high accolades to its quality, and the 4/5 stars is the lowest rank amongst them.
In the starting refrain, a man with a hoarse and attractive voice tells that if his partner is that easy with own attitude towards the performer, than such partner has to let him go – as what kind of relations it is when you die one day, buried the next day, and mourned the second next day, and that’s it? Then the other voice enters telling that he is outta home ‘cause he wants to achieve something in this life. In a meantime, he tells his mama not to worry.

Saturdays = Celebration lyrics - Big K.R.I.T.

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Saturdays = Celebration Song Lyrics

[Hook: Jamie N Commons]
If they kill me on Friday
Bury me on Sunday
Mourn for me Monday
Then you gotta let me go, go
Then you gotta let me go
If they kill me on Tuesday
Bury me on Wednesday
Mourn for me Thursday
Then you gotta let me go, go
Then you gotta let me go
'Cause Saturdays are for celebration
[Verse 1: Big K.R.I.T.]
Mama, no need to worry 'bout me
I promise that I'll be home soon
God got me like every day
While the Devil like "what you gon' do?"
Temptation ain't motivation
This money could never make it better
Cadi cleaner than it'd don' ever been
But it's blood all on my wood and leather
Ain't no tellin' if I'ma get it right
Look to God up-under city lights
Pray to God, he wanted me to ball
Cuh being broke ain't really living life
People dying like every day
If I leave, tell 'em take care for me
If I ain't fit to see the sun again
Somebody say a prayer for me