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What You Think All the Guns is for? lyrics - Truck Turner

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What You Think All the Guns is for? Song Lyrics

"My click airtight" -> [Mobb Deep {*1}]
[Truck Turner]
Yeah, Truck Turner baby {*1}
Uh-huh, check it out
f**k these niggaz on? Dope or dog food
Done caught me, in the wrong mood
I'm squeezin off, for real live
Then they bust shots, and it's on dude
You face this? Wrong move
Use your head, come on fool
Truck Turner, with mob rule
Wanna feel it? It's on Dukes
Think it can't happen?
Ha-hah, you can get it, keep yappin
I'ma start clappin..
.. in a minute, niggaz actin
What you talkin? Yo keep that
When it comes to beef I gets off
the meat rack, you seen this gun here?
You sure you peeped that?
Never sleep that, put TWO
up in your kneecap, he's holdin
I see that, pull out first
and squeeze, leave an impact
You hear me, your shine?
Come up off that, like ? titties
you soft black, wanna front that?
The line? You crossed that
Baseball bat, your jaw cracked
Didn't want to, you forced that
Now lost that, I got that
Try to come back, I shot at
Bust three times, KLACK KLACK KLACK
Bust three more, KLACK KLACK KLACK
Now you askin - where the drugs at?
You thuggin? Now stop that
"What you think all the guns is for?" -> [Biggie Smalls {*2}]
"Trapped in a never-endin gunfight" -> [Mobb Deep {*3}]
[Chorus: the pattern goes {*2} {*1} {*2} {*3} {*2} {*1} {*2} {*3}]
[as scratched by the DJ]
[Truck Turner]
Ain't no, tellin
What I might do, when I slide through
Never liked you, why slice you
Do ass, or I wipe you
off the map, all that sh*t you talkin?
Yo relax
Just a act, what you tryin to win
a Oscar? For the drama
Feel the gat all up in your back
Now the dread, gets done fast
Got your momma wearin black
What I TALK, live up to that
When I was young they used to call me Shorty hook-off
Now they call me big Truck, squeeze off the Tec
Blow your f**kin knees off, the trigger
til the clips they empty, never ease off
Even hoes, I'll blow your f**kin weave off
Makin, niggaz vanish like
viriginity, on prom night
Got a click, when I swarm right
One mistake, live a short life
My enemies, flip on sight
I spit out the razor
And lacerate these niggaz with pipes
Step to this you walk off the next
What? I ain't kill you yet? See I been nice
I'ma ask you one more time, now who sent you?
Then I'ma put, three up in you
to show these f**kERS what I'm into
His b**ch, the window
is where her head is gettin sent through
These niggaz actin hard
but really gentle, we rob em
And hop back in the rental
pull off (tires squealin) just that simple
[Chorus 1.5X]
[Truck Turner]
The bigger they come, the harder they fall
Watch this big nigga Truck, body..uhh..polly y'all
Me feel you? Not at all
Before I squeeze? Smile at y'all
Leave you bleedin, down the hall
Your moms got, the dreaded call
Who shot ya, what the deal yo
That hot lead? How it feel yo
Your cap, did it peel yo?
Did you buy that? Never deal yo
As for me, I'm hunkerin off
Your girl panties, I took it off
Your click moved, I had to slide
But give me time, begin to stalk
Bloodstains, in your shirt
Leave you dead, in the dirt
Stay alive, stay alert
REVENGE!! The experts
South Bronx, a.k.a. Cutthroat Island
The wrong place to visit.. ya heard??
[Chorus 1.5X]