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Don't Wish Too Hard lyrics - Isabel Keating

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Don't Wish Too Hard Song Lyrics

Don't wish too hard for what you want
Or then you might get it
And then when you get it
You might wish you never got it all
Don't keep(go) looking for love to come
Or then it might find you
And then when it finds you
You might wish that you had never been born
How I wished for you and now you're here
Now I wish that I could disappear and go away
My poor heart's repeating it
Can't stand the beating it's been taking
I can't tell if you're faking
Every time you're making love to me
One day soon I'm going to change
My tune and without hesitating
I'll be leaving you waiting
And you'll find that what you really wanted
And what you end up getting you never really
Wanted at all
Then you'll wish for me and I won't be here
So long darlin' I'll just disappear and go away