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Forbidden Love ( In Gaul ) lyrics

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Forbidden Love ( In Gaul ) Song Lyrics

Do you love me?
Did you miss me?
Did I ever?
When battle had all but drained me.
One vision alone sustained me.
The though of you,
And our forbidden love.
Whenever my days were harried.
And Father would say "Get Married".
I thought of you,
And our forbidden love.
So kiss me,
Come kiss me.
For who knows when,
We may kiss like this,
A (someone's coming).
Bar-Bara this is torture.
I know.
Let's run away.
I have this cousin who served with Julius Caesar.
And he told me about a place called Gaul.
They tell me it's divided into three parts.
We'll pick the part that's closest to our hearts.
In Gaul,
We'd live so simply.
No more feathers and fuss,
Just the children and us.
In Gaul,
We'd have a garden.
On the outskirts of town,
And a house painted brown.
No more stolen kisses,
No more stolen sighs.
Stolen nights,
Stolen days.
Stolen bites,
Swollen eyes.
In Gaul,
We'd be so happy.
Oh Sanjar my hawk,
Bar-Bara my dove.
We'd be two ordinary people in love.
In love, in Gaul.
It's impossible.
You know as well as I,
Our place is here.
My people need me,
And I have my career.
Though this is our fate,
We'll fight it.
Our passion will ride dispite it.
And though we're at odds,
With all the Gods above.
Will keep well hidden,
Our forbidden love!
[Thanks to Steven Petraglia for lyrics]