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Road Rovers lyrics

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Road Rovers Song Lyrics

Barkin', scratchin', frisbee-catchin'
Presidential pets
(Hunter: "That's us!")
Change into the canines who drive
Souped-up cars and jets
(Colleen: "Comin' through!")
Tuchus-nippin', toilet-sippin'
Soarin' through the sky
(Exile: "I like it!")
Lickin', droolin', quick-refuelin'
Who says dogs can't fly?
(Blitz: "Not me!")
Speedin', crashin', villain-smashin'
Vehicles explode
Chasin', racin' down the road
Rooooad Rovers!
Hunter is a hero hound
Leader of the pack
(Hunter: "Huh, cool!")
Colleen comes from London town
Watch her feet attack
(Colleen: "Hiii-ya!")
Exile's from Siberia
With super-frozen sight
(Exile: "That's me!")
Blitz chews on posteriors
His bark's worse than his bite
(Blitz: "I'm perfect.")
Shag is strong from head to toe
A coward through and through
(Shag: "Ruh ruh ruh!")
Muzzle's stack is gonna blow
He's short a screw or two
(Muzzle: "Urh Urh!")
They fight for right both day and night
In ev'ry episode
(Hunter: "Let's roll!")
Now it's time to hit the road
Rooooad Rovers!