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December, 05th 2016
Mean Ol' Moon made by Amanda Seyfried. Very nice voice, one that is beyond time and style. I would like to listen to it again and again, to plunge into it your ears and other hearing devices who may have ones. Pure, in the style of the best examples of music from America 50s or 60s. These compositions were ubiquitous at that times, and their presence was not surprising. Now, to find a composition like this, you have to go back in time. Reference: What Song Does Amanda Seyfried Sing In 'Ted 2'? The Gorgeous Tune Is Written By A Very Familiar Face. Read on

Mean Ol' Moon lyrics - Amanda Seyfried

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Mean Ol' Moon Song Lyrics

Mean ol’ moon
It must be fun
To shine upon me
As I come undone
Til I’m all alone
Beneath the sun
You mean ol’ moon
With your beam
You led the way
And found me love I thought was
Hear to say
Then you went and took
My love away
You mean ol’ moon
Oh you mean ol’ stars above
The games that you play with me
I could find some happiness
If all of my nights were cloudy
Mean ol’ moon
I hope it’s true
You’re taking all the light that’s left in you
And saving it up for you know who
You mean ol’ moon
You mean ol’ moon

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