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Nu Nu (Double J & Hayze Extended Mix) lyrics - Fannypack

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Nu Nu (Double J & Hayze Extended Mix) Song Lyrics

Push up to you
Ready to do you
Then play it off like i thought i knew you
Whats up boy
Whats yo name
Whats yo sign
Whats the time
I'm gonna go and get this freak
Peeka boo can i take a peek
Saw you walking down the street
You looked so fine i had to meet
You for a drink at the cafe
Limo so stretched i call it taffay
Come for a ride boy i wont bite
Unless you ask me reall polite
When i saw him
Walking down the street
He looked so fine
I just had to meet
I asked his name
Does he wanna play
As we walked
All that i could say was
Mmm hmmm yeah yeah
I know you feelin me
And boy i feel you too
You joke and laugh with me
And call me your boo
Walk me to the J train
Almost every day
When we're together
All that I can say is
Mmm hmmm yeah yeah
Oh yeah god damn
Run up on you and I take ya hand
Hey now lay down
Now its time to play now
On boardwalk and park place
All up in each others face
I know you shy but its alright
As long as you keep that body tight
Now dont you worry bout a thing
Isnt he lovely looking
Just wanna shout it from the roofs
Hes my boo and thats the truth
[Thanks to Hannah for lyrics]