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February, 06th 2017
Torture is performed by Gramatik. Music for the typical "bad guys", who may be already over 70. A good guitar sound is never out of fashion, if you spend your life on the two-wheeled bike, love freedom and you do not oppressed with most of the limits of everyday life, because you are free in your soul. Good, solid rock alloys with punk-style. It symbolizes our lives. Reference: 'Torture' feat. Eric Krasno (Original Mix) by Gramatik on Beatport

Torture lyrics - Gramatik

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Torture Song Lyrics

Oh, Lord, help me take this woman out my life
I keep knocking the door
Oh, help me to stop this
But I can't, I can't be wrong, no
Oh, Lord, take me from this cold now
I feel it deep inside me
I can't see another thing that constantly reminds me
Oh no, oh no, oh no
Torture, torture
Oh don't you know
Torture, torture
Now everything must go, oh no
Now everything must go.