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The Golden Wing Circus lyrics - Sofia The First Cast

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The Golden Wing Circus Song Lyrics

James: You know it's coming when the wagons appear
Amber: That crazy choreography catches your ear.
Both: The coolest circus in the kingdom is here
All: and the tents are rising!
Amber: It's full of mystical, unusual things!
James: Like magical penguins
Amber: And tigers that sing!
Guards: that's what it will be
All: It's lots and lots of fun cause there's so much to see!!
At the GoldenWinged Circus you'll hear the ring leader call!
At the GoldenWinged Circus
The Grandest Circus of All.
Man: Most every circus has some elephants too
Women: I hear they're gigantic, and purple and blue
Cook: With ducks and unicorns and
All: And they're harmonizing !
Townsmen: Up on a wire they are doing their tricks
James: Then a tailor? grabs a chair, and waves it everywhere
James/some others: Then dozens of dragons appear in midair!
All: At the Golden Winged Circus, the most spectactular show!
It's the golden Winged Circus, the grandest circus of all!
Sorry guys this is a very very hard song!
[Thanks to Bekah for lyrics]