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Anything lyrics - Sofia The First Cast

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Anything Song Lyrics

I'm takin' off into something new.
There's so much I gotta do.
And I'm the only one who thinks I'll make it through.
But the only way to win
Is to try and try again.
They wanna count me out,
but I'll make them count me in.
I can be anything.
I can see anything.
You can teach anything.
I can reach anything
I can do anything
So can you
Anything that you try.
Look and see,
You can be anything.
And I know with you by my side.
It'll be a better ride.
Together we can be each other's guide.
With a friend to see me through,
There's nothing I can't do.
Gonna spread my wings
And soar into the blue.
(Repeat Chorus)
And whatever it takes,
I'll learn from my mistakes
I'll get up when I fall
And never stop giving it my all.
(Repeat Chorus)
(Look and see, we can be anything)
(Song Ends)
[Thanks to Trey, Jada for lyrics]

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