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Music in Your Soup lyrics

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Music in Your Soup Song Lyrics

This song was not included in the theatrical release of Snow White. It was never
animated beyond the pencil stage. You can see it in cleanup animation on the video
tape and Laser Disc of Snow White.
With a spoon and a bowl
With the music in your soul
You can cheer things up with the
Zub, zub, zub
Of the music in your doup
With a gulp
With a grin
Get a wiggle on your chin
You can make things hum with a
Zum, zum, zum
Of the music in your soup
Swing that spoon
Gota keep on dippin'
Scoop up that soup
Gotta keep on sippin'
Till the bowl is dry
And your face is drippin'
Let her rip!
Let her roar!
To the first and the second
And the third encore