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Here Within These Walls (Reprise) lyrics - Sister Act Cast

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Here Within These Walls (Reprise) Song Lyrics

Outside, that's her place.
All in all, it's surely for the better.
Given time and prayer,
you'll soon forget her.
Still it won't be easy, I can tell.
Outside she shall go.
And somehow we will stumble
through her show.
The pope won't be amused, but
even so -
may he bless you all,
and her as well.
And here within these walls,
once we're free of her,
we'll be as we were -
completely unaffected.
Here within these walls,
safe from the worldly stir,
we'll stay as God arranged.
She will be all right I'll pray.
Heaven speed her on her way.
But here within these walls,
we'll stay unchanged.