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Scene: The Greenhouse lyrics - The Secret Garden Cast

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Scene: The Greenhouse Song Lyrics

Mary: Good Morning, Ben.
Ben: Ah, back again today, are ya?
Mary: I saw that robin again. I know where he lives too. It's that sqaure garden with the tall hedge all around it.
Ben: Ah, missy, that were Ms. Lily's garden.
Mary: Her garden? But I want to see it. Can you show me the door?
Ben: No, I can't. When she died your Uncle Archibald locked the door, said no one was ever to go in that garden again, and
buried the key. And now the ivy's grown up over the door, so even I don't know where it is anymore.
Mary: Maybe that's why the robin is chirping al the time. He wants someone to climb over the garden wall and work on it.
Ben: you stay away from Ms. Lily's garden, or you'll like to find yourself back on boat, or worse.
Mary: Who is that boy?
Ben: That's Martha's brother, di*kon, conjuring with that stick of his.
[Thanks to Micaela for lyrics]