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Reference: 'The Scottsboro Boys' review on The Guardian

It's Gonna Take Time lyrics - John Cullum & Brandon Victor Dixon

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It's Gonna Take Time Song Lyrics

You'll just have to wait haywood.
It's gonna take time, haywood
It's gonna take time
We'll put things to right
But not overnight
It's gonna take time
You know that way down deep inside
Most people are good
But sometimes the terrible things
That they say or they do
Can be terribly misunderstood
So give us some time, haywood
And try to behave
Remember it hasn't been so many years
Since your granddad was only a slave
In some future
A very bright nigra like you
Well i'd say there's no knowing
How high he might climb
But haywood you just have to wait
It's gonna take time
Wait? How can i wait? I've done nothing but wait. Thinking this day, next day, something gonna change. Hoping. But what good
Is hoping when the same high minded people keep telling the same low minded lies.
Now haywood
Maybe someday the world
Will be made up of saints
And for everyone
Life will be truly sublime
But try to be patient for now
It's gonna take time
[thanks to garrett for lyrics]