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Down at the Ol' Five and Dime lyrics - Mary, Miss Poppy, Lecturer, Company

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Down at the Ol' Five and Dime Song Lyrics

After school is let out we just like to get out
To the place where jitterbug is always in style
Satchmo is a-singin', Dorsey is a-swingin'
A syncopated wonderland that brings on a smile
Come and stretch your dance abilities
Nobody is feelin' ill at ease
When your toes are tappin' anything can happen
Down at the ol' Five and Dime!
Dancin'! Dancin'!
Razmatazz that always has you sashayin'
Buy your gal some jujubees
She'll be swoonin', spoonin'
Down at the ol' Five and Dime!
Mr. Poppy:
Hey! My name is Mr. Poppy
In my little shop, we make the finest cherry fizz in all of the land
Service with a smile, makin' quite a pile
Even have a little left to pay for a band
(Short musical break)
You can buy yourself a pack of smokes
Mr. Poppy:
Laugh at Mr. Poppy's knock knock jokes
Ho! Gotta take the gang out to the local hangout
Where Benny Goodman is king!
(dialogue, dance break)
Dancin'! Dancin'!
Mr. Poppy:
Then enjoy some funny books
We get frisky, risky
Mr. Poppy:
Cool off with a malted milk
We're all boppin', come drop in
Down at the ol' Five and Dime!
Mr. Poppy:
Sometimes men would come to call
who stank of sin and Barbasol
They'd ask kids if they felt at all like
having themselves a few kicks!
(dialogue, swing music break)
Feel the crazy rhythm in your feet
Everybody keep in reet petite
Blazing bright as neon, maybe we could be on
Major Bowes' amateur hour!
Dancin'! Dancin'!
Charleston till our tootsies ache
We'll be slidin', glidin'
Rompin' to the Savoy Stomp
We're rug cuttin', struttin'
Then as a coda, we drink ice cream soda
Here down at the ol' Five and Dime! Yeah!