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Listen to Jesus, Jimmy lyrics

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Listen to Jesus, Jimmy Song Lyrics

I floated down from Heaven when I heard a lamb had strayed
Look at you, Jim, your brain has turned to marmalade
I'm here to help you, Jimmy, and return you to the fold
Try filling your lungs with God, and not Jamaican Gold
Satan's bold! Loves to lie!
Don't reply! Do you wanna make the angels cry?
Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!
Just say no to the marijuana!
(Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!) This comes straight from the Madonna!
(Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!) I'm the face on the shroud of Turin
(Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!) Do I need to test your urine?
Satan went and conned ya (Went and conned ya, Jimmy)
Mustn't touch his evil ganja (No! No! No! No! No!)
Jimmy, don't turn your back on God
Dona eis requiem
Numquam fumas canibas
Aut incendes ibi inferno
You'll burn in hell!
I've cured a lot of lepers and I've risen from the dead
Is that what it's gonna take to get this through your head?
If you insist on smoking to indulge those teenage kicks,
Soon you'll be floating naked in the river Styx!
What a fix! Sulphur pools! Torture tools!
Seperation from your family jewels
Ra-ma-la-ma! They're gonna cut your ding-dong!
Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!
Gotta give it up for Lent, boy!
(Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!) Or wind up as Satan's rent boy!
(Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!) Don't let reefer kick your keister!
(Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!) I'm the poster boy for Easter
Jimmy, let me see ya (Lemme see ya, Jimmy)
Kick the sin and sensimilla (Go! Go! Go! Gotta kick it!)
Jimmy, don't turn your back on God
For the Lord God omnipotent hateth
Marijuana! Marijuana!
Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!
Thou shalt heed this holy omen!
(Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!) Stop indulging like a Roman!
(Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!) All the cherubim say you gotta
(You gotta! Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!) Trust the man with the stigmata!
Jimmy, don't you turn your back on God...
On God!