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His Name Was Coalhouse Walker lyrics

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His Name Was Coalhouse Walker Song Lyrics

His name was Coalhouse Walker.
Was a native of St. Louis some years before.
When he heard the music od Scott Joplin
In St. Louis
Bought himself some piano lessons
Working as a stevedore.
Here was a music
That truly inspired.
Dancers required him.
Club owners hired him.
the strivers of Harlem
Respected and admired him
For turning Harlem into art
But Coalhouse had a broken heart.
The Good Lord looked down, saw me lonely and loveless,
and thought to Himself: "Enough is enough. I'm putting
Sarah in Coalhouse's life."
And he did.
This wasn't a woman. This was an angel, a gift of God.
Coalhouse loved this woman, but not wisely and not
too well. She left me without a word or trace. There was
no pity for me.
None whatsoever, Coalhouse.
Now she is haunting me
Just like a melody-
the only song I seem to know.
Sarah, my life has changed.
Sarah, I miss you so.
Sarah, I did you wrong.
sarah, where did you go?
And then this morning, the miracle happened. I found
out where she is and I'm going to do my damnedest to
see she takes me back. Ladies and gentlemen, the
Gettin' Ready Rag!