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Coalhouse's Soliloquy lyrics

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Coalhouse's Soliloquy Song Lyrics

Say goodbye to music.
Say goodbye to light.
Anything I care for,
Take it from my sight.
Let me see no future
Let me hear no sound
Only darkness and pain
The anger and pain
The blood and the pain
They buried my heart in the ground....
In the ground...
When they buried you in the ground.
I see your face...
And we will ride
On the wheels of a new dream, Sarah,
A new time, Sarah,
Now, I'll play them the music
Of something beginning
An era exploding
A century spinning--
My law and my justice
In rhythm and rhyme!
Listen to that Ragtime!
(Three gun shots are fired--Headline projected: "Three Firemen Dead".)
[Thanks to Yehuda Alexander for lyrics]