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The Journey lyrics - Mpulz

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The Journey Song Lyrics

I know that you're searching for answers,
Afraid that you'll be left behind,
But you can't rush time,
Got to wait in line,
In time the answers you'll find
You'll get your wings at the right time,
Even birds must learn how to fly,
You gotta move on from whats breaking you heart,
Don't let you life pass you by.
I know that you're scared of failing,
But you can't succeed if you dont try,
To see what I do,
I believe in you,
And soon your wings will take flight.
Sunshine always follows the rain,
Happiness always follows the pain,
Let's never look back and learn from the past,
Heart and soul is all you need, all you need.
(Chorus x2)
Taking the journey,
Enjoying the ride,
Be true to yourself,
Let your heart be your guide.
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