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Holidays at Home lyrics - Belle

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Holidays at Home Song Lyrics

Holidays at home
that's the place for me
the sweetest days I've ever known are with my family
Around the tree
Holidays at home
when the rush is through
Just sitting in my favourite chair
with books and memories everywhere!
Portraits of
The ones I love
and all the joys we've shared
remind me of
each christmas past
reminds me who has really cared for me.
Holidays at home
so far from the storm
The lovely fire I've always known is always there
to keep me warm
Holidays at home where love is always real
where happiness and tenderness are all they give and all I feel!
Candles glow, the table's set
and Papa's fast asleep
These treasured moments everyone
are moments that I'll always keep with me.
Why would I ever roam?
What more is there to find?
Where but here at home
could life be quite so kind?
Holidays at home
that's what christmas means
to all the lucky ones like me who won't spend christmas all alone
Who've lived and laughed
and loved and grown
to see
How happy holidays at home can be!