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No, I Am Brave lyrics - Pirates of Penzance Cast

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No, I Am Brave Song Lyrics

MABEL: (almost fainting) No, I'll be brave!
Oh, family descent,
How great thy charm, thy sway how excellent!
Come one and all, undaunted men in blue,
A crisis, now, affairs are coming to!
(Enter POLICE, marching in single file)
SERGEANT: Though in body and in mind
POLICE: Tarantara! tarantara!
SERGEANT: We are timidly inclined,
POLICE: Tarantara!
[ From:]
SERGEANT: And anything but blind
POLICE: Tarantara! tarantara!
SERGEANT: To the danger that's behind,
POLICE: Tarantara!
SERGEANT: Yet, when the danger's near,
POLICE: Tarantara! tarantara!
We manage to appear
As insensible to fear
As anybody here,
As anybody here.
Tarantara! tarantara!, etc.