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Each In Time lyrics - Original Broadway Cast

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Each In Time Song Lyrics

Behold the end of the Irish Chieftains
Surrendering now to us one by one
Let their blood run red
On their fields of green
As they swear their oath now
To serve the rule of the Queen.
Each in time
Each man in turn
Come day or deed must tender
His unconditional surrender
And here am I, but one more soul
Who chooses now to die
I plead for these men
Whose pride has been lost
My choice is my own at last
So don't shed a tear, not for me
My life cut short so she may live
A hundred lives I'd gladly give
And so it is my turn has come
As ever your defender
With joyous heart, I surrender
'Cause each in time
Each man in turn
Must to his fortune's own
I will give my life for this
A love I'll never know
A deal my Lord, for the Chieftan O'Malley
My life for hers for the sake of her child
You offer nothing but yourself, you mean?
And you think this will amuse, appease, her Highness, the Queen?
[Thanks to Megan for lyrics]