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Reference: 'It's You' by Robert Schwartzman - Play on Spotify

It's You lyrics - Robert Schwartzman

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It's You Song Lyrics

Got a word on the tip of my tongue
That old familiar forgetfulness keeps on comin'
And I'm left here like a stray on the street
You tagged and packed me all the way home
I don't wanna let it hurt
Now you know I got a bloody t-shirt
Maybe I wasn't good enough
Never know cause you gave it all up
Now we got this predicament
Somebody someday gotta face the music
You don't have to talk to me
But someway, someday I know you're gonna see
Its you
Just you (and me)
It's you
Just you (and me)
Now you tell me you got another man
Pushing buttons like your my auto harp accordion to me
He's got moves that we've seen before
But you're falling for him anyway
I don't wanna be a bitter man
Now you got, I wondered who I am
Can't get past this hurricane
Spinning out, living in pain
Someone tell you where's a brother now
Telling you how we got it back
Can't pretend not to see it now
Cause all in all it all comes back
To you
Just you (and me)
It's you
It's just you (and me)
Come on back when you need another hand, and you're
Used up like a scr*pbook cut out on a book, a page, a book in age
Biggin best buy on it's my a day.
If you open listen to yourself you see that there's no need for another association
Got no motivation but the front row, of the fashion show, and the cover of a magazine