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Can I Live lyrics - Cypress Hill

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Can I Live Song Lyrics

Can I make money motherf**ker? (Yeah)
Is that alright wit'chu? (No doubt)
Can I travel? (Word, Skull & Bones)
Can I have a nice motherf**kin car? (Hell yeah)
Thank you (KnowhatI'msayin)
Can I live? (Yeah)
Can I live - can I live?
Can I live - can I live? (Yeah)
Can I live - can I live?
Can I liiivve?
[B Real]
Can I live, who willin to give me applause?
Half note, gotta get mine and open the doors
I want a FAT crib, on the hill, after my cause
I need a fine woman, cuz I ain't f**kin wit yours
Can I live? I wanna take care of my fam
All the haters can't bait us, they don't know who I am
You gonna learn soon baby, when my heat'll expand
When I slay suckers everytime, I foil the plan
Can I live? Why not? I'm makin it hot
Like the rubber gets when I start rockin the spot
DAMN! She gotta have it in the parkin lot
Better come get her cuz she's still in my knot
Can I live? Get your hand out of my pockets
I'm buck-nutty, tear your arms out of the sockets
People wanna talk no matter how much I rock it
Pull my di*k out, run about for niggas who jock it
Can I live? -- Can I live? <--[4x]
Can I live? Livin life under the scope
Tryin to hang with the leader, let me give you a rope
All them Mexicali niggas always lookin for hope
After one turns, b**ch-niggas learn not to coke
Can I live without any battles to face?
Hell no, I gotta war when there's paper to chase
The story for the glory's never without a race
I'm like an animal huntin blood, I need a taste
Can I live? Critics never leave me alone
In my hood, I was always taught to go for the dome
I'm the Dog never show you where I bury my bones
Take your title then I leave your ass without a throne
Can I live, how come you don't show me your love?
Gotta catch yo' ass slippin like I'm wearin a glove
Suckers wanna push me and I'll give 'em a shove
Cuz busters always act brave up in the club
[BR] Can I live -- Can I live? <--[4x]
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
[B Real]
Can I live? I know you won't give me the freedom
Cuz your kids coem, but you don't want me to lead 'em
When I spit words for refrain people will heed 'em
Wanna find ways to shut me up and get me to eat 'em
Can I live, is it an impossible mission?
I break it down for all those who ain't seein my vision
All you suckers gotta live with, every descision
You a train wreck, comin up on the collision
[B Real]
Can I live? Basically I'm tired of thangs
You wanna walk around talkin, tryna f**k up my name
But when the scandal comes though you can't handle the shame
When you see me, know your thinkin how to explain
Can I live? I bring yo' ass over the hump
We tryna get money so we can be livin like Trump
You can't slap that cuz you fall into a slump
Don't test me I still got my "Hand on the Pump!!"
[Hook] 2x {*second hook w/ B Real in background*}
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na